Environmental affairs regarding mills

The Finnish forest industry is engaged in a sustained effort to protect the environment. Production facilities’ emissions have been reduced to a fraction while production volumes have increased. Responsible operations and continuous improvements in environmental affairs guarantee favourable development in the future.

Expedient and functional instruments for environmental protection

The necessity and effects of environmental protection instruments on companies’ international competitiveness must be investigated and overlapping regulation must be dismantled.  

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Air emissions effectively reduced

The forest industry’s particle, sulphur and nitrogen oxide emissions into the air account for less than 10 per cent of Finland’s total emissions. In recent years, total reduced sulphur compounds have been reduced to virtually insignificant levels thanks to efficient collection and treatment systems.

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The forest industry employs chemicals in moderation

Most of the additives used by the forest industry are mineral fillers and coating agents. These are not covered by the EU REACH chemicals regulation’s registration requirement, as they are harmless natural substances.

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Legionella found in biological wastewater treatment plants

Legionella is a bacterium that is common throughout our living environment. It is especially common in waterways but it is also found in soil and in the water systems of real estates and production facilities, including those of the forest industry. 

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