Forest environmental issues

In a diverse forest environment, biodiversity and sustainable wood production are in balance. Managing the forest environment secures valuable forest habitats and forest biodiversity. It also ensures adequate forest growth and maintains sustainable multi-purpose forestry values.

Nature management in commercial forests promotes forest biodiversity

Forest biodiversity is secured through a combination of conservation and natural management in commercial forests.

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Voluntary measures introduced in biodiversity protection

The Finnish Forest Industries Federation is in favour of using the voluntary measures developed under the METSO programme for the safeguarding of forest biodiversity. The voluntary measures are ecologically feasible and economically affordable.

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Decaying wood offers a home for many endangered species

Wood in various stages of decomposition is the lifeblood of many forest-dwelling species. New forestry guidelines have lead to an increase in the amount of decaying wood. 

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A model country for forest protection

The conservation rate of Finnish forests is one of the highest in all Europe. More than 2 million hectares, i.e. 9% of forests have been strictly protected in Finland.

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Retention trees cushion changes to the landscape

Retention trees add to the structural diversity of forest stands and conserve original species. The purpose of retention trees is to ensure the continued presence of decaying wood over the turnover time of a forest stand and therefore uphold biodiversity.

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