The responsible use of forests

Responsible forest management balances biodiversity and sustainable wood production. Managing the forest environment secures valuable forest habitats and forest biodiversity. It also ensures adequate forest growth and maintains sustainable multi-purpose forestry values.

The Finnish forest industry knows the origin of the timber it uses

Finnish forest industry companies use only legally sourced wood in their production. The companies know the origin of both the domestic and imported wood they use. Knowing the origin of wood is a basic requirement of sustainable forest utilisation

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Forest certification promotes responsible forestry

The Finnish Forest Industries Federation supports the adoption of impartial and broadly recognised international certification systems. Forest certification can help safeguard the foundations of sustainable forest utilisation and supports international comparability. 

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Finland’s forest resources grow constantly

Finland’s forests grow by over 100 million cubic metres a year. Growth exceeds annual drain, so our forest resources are growing all the time. At the same time forests are taking an increasing amount of CO2 from the atmosphere.

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