The wood and forest services market

Improving the availability of wood raw material is a prerequisite for forest industry investments and for its competitiveness. Our current forest resources present an opportunity to substantially increase the use of domestic timber.

Demand for domestic wood

If more timber was available from private forests, Finland’s GDP would grow by hundreds of millions of euro each year. Increased use of domestic timber would create jobs across Finland. 

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Finnish forest management must be taken in a more professional direction

Industry operations demand a steady availability of competitively priced wood on the market. Raising the forest utilisation rate and improving the delivery of wood to the market requires drastic structural changes in forest ownership. 

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The forest industry needs a steady supply of wood raw material at competitive prices

The main objective of the national forest policy must be an increase in forest utilisation and the maximising of sustainable harvesting opportunities. Our forest resources would allow for a substantial increase in the use of domestic raw materials. 

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