European Union

The European Union is the Finnish forest industry’s most important export market. The EU is also the most significant regulator of our operating environment.

EU's forest strategy aims to improve the competitiveness of the forest sector

The EU forest strategy, which was published in 2013 applies to the entire forest-based sector. The strategy covering the whole forest sector emphasises the diverse and sustainable utilisation of forests and the significance of the forest-based sector as a locomotive for the bio-economy, growth and employment. Forest policy will continue to be the competence of the Member States. A mid-term evaluation of the Strategy will be started in 2017.

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Assessing the effectiveness of the European birds and nature directives as part of the REFIT programme

The EU Commission is currently examining the effectiveness of the birds and nature directives as part of the European Commission's Regulatory Fitness and Performance (REFIT) programme. The goal is to conclude this effectiveness analysis before the end of 2016, after which the Commission will decide if there is a need to update the directives and the habitat and species lists they contain.

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