Forest sector research and development

The objective is for Finland to have a successful and innovative forest cluster that offers the most sought-after products and services in the world. The sector is a frontrunner in the bioeconomy. In order for the forest industry to thrive, not only does profitability have to be improved but the industry must also be revamped and innovations developed further. Success is largely dependent on how competitive and customer-oriented the industry’s products, solutions and services are. This is why the entire forest cluster strives to continuously develop new products and innovations.

The Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform (FTP) promotes European research co-operation

The Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform provides a network for key players in the European forest sector. It aims to influence EU research programmes and to enhance joint research in the European forest sector.

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Research, development and innovation as keys to future competitiveness

For the forest industry to thrive not only must profitability be improved but the sector needs to revamp and innovations must be further developed. Actions within individual companies and within the entire sector as well as government measures affect the Finnish forest industry’s future opportunities. 

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