New products, business and investments

The forest industry is witnessing the birth of new types of business that are based on existing, profitable operations. In the very near future, biorefineries will be producing, for instance, liquid biofuels, biochemicals and biopolymers. Furthermore, traditional forest industry products can be enhanced with smart features or they can be produced using new methods. Wood offers many opportunities!

New products in existing and new sectors

The forest industry’s existing products will continue to be the basis of business operations for years to come, as new generations of paper, packaging and wood products are continuously developed. New products and new business will be created alongside existing products. 

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Non-renewable fuel and products can be replaced with processed forest biomass

Renewable wood-based biomass can be processed into innovative, sustainably-produced products. In future, the forest industry will focus on its traditional wood, paper and cardboard products but also on energy, new ground-breaking products as well as technologies that make increasingly efficient use of production resources.

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