Paper and pulp industries

The paper and pulp industries have long been the foundation of Finnish exports and they have accounted for about two thirds of the value of the Finnish forest industry. Due to the breakthrough of electronic media, demand for paper products continues to decline in traditional markets. Meanwhile demand continues to grow in developing economies. There is also growth in the demand for packaging materials.

Global paper consumption is growing

Global paper consumption is at a record high level and it will continue to grow. The Finnish forest industry could hold on to its position if its competitiveness is secured. There are 49 pulp and paper mills in Finland. 

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How much wood do you need to make paper?

Paper is manufactured from pulpwood and recycled fibre from the recycling process. Finland plays a notable role namely as a producer of Europe’s virgin fibre, as wood fibre cannot be recycled endlessly.

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Recycled fibre is a valuable raw material

Recovered paper is an important raw material in paper production. About 71 per cent of paper and paperboard consumed in Finland was recovered in 2012. Worldwide, the average recovery rate is just below 50 per cent. 

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