Wood construction

Most wood products are used by the construction sector. Wood is used not only in structures, windows, doors and finished surfaces but also at construction sites to build, for example, moulds. Wood used in buildings serves as a long term carbon sink. Used on internal surfaces, wood improves indoor air quality and levels out moisture variations. Wood is the only construction material that is based on renewable raw materials.

Environmental product declarations for wood-based construction products

Aalto University has, in collaboration with experts representing some Finnish Forest Industries Federation member companies, developed a data collection form and a guide on the drafting of environmental product declarations for wood-based construction products.

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Wood products breakthrough in multi-storey construction

Because wood construction solutions already have a dominant position in the detached house construction market as well as in the recreational home market, the greatest potential for increasing the use of wood products lies in the multi-storey building and office block construction sectors. 

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Construction sector the biggest user of wood products

The construction industry is the biggest user of wood products and the wood products industry’s biggest client sector. Approximately 70-80 per cent of Finnish wood products end up being used in construction. Over half of the wood products sector’s production is exported, mostly to Europe.

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