Lobbying priorities

The Finnish Forest Industries Federation is the lobbying organisation for forest industry companies in Finland. It promotes the forest industry’s competitiveness and profitability by strengthening the industry’s operating conditions and positive image both in Finland and abroad.

The Finnish Forest Industries Federation’s objective is to ensure that Finland offers a competitive and innovative operating environment for forest industry production, employment and investments.

The Finnish Forest Industries Federation’s objective is to improve the sector’s cost competitiveness and to strengthen the industry’s prerequisites for success.

The success of the forest industry is important for Finland, as forest industry products account for about a fifth of Finland’s exports. The industry is also a significant employer. The forest industry employs about 42,000 people directly and about 160,000 Finns indirectly.

Collective labour agreements that support cost competitiveness

The Finnish labour market system must be developed in such a way that it supports cost competitiveness and the export industry’s employment opportunities. The productivity of Finnish labour has fallen behind that of our main competitor countries. Labour market solutions play a big role in the sector’s competitiveness, as we have to keep in mind that, in addition to its sector agreements, the forest industry indirectly pays a significant amount of wages in other sectors. These are forest industry costs that cannot be transferred to product prices.

Steady supply of domestic timber onto the market

It is important that the forest industry receives a steady supply of raw material at competitive prices. Our current forest resources give us the opportunity to substantially increase the use of domestic timber. Forest policy and taxation must promote an active and professional forest economy.

Enough affordable energy

Energy costs in Finland must be brought down to a competitive level and the availability of electricity must be secured.

The cost and performance of logistics

Functioning logistics are of primary importance for the Finnish forest industry, as about 90 per cent of its production is exported. Logistics costs account for almost 20 per cent of the Finnish forest industry’s turnover whereas in, for example, Central Europe the corresponding figure is just under 10 per cent.

Producer of renewable energy

Finland’s ambitious renewable energy objectives, as well as climate considerations, require a drastic increase in the use of wood energy.

Cost efficiency must be taken into consideration in environmental legislation in such a way that overlapping instruments do not increase the industry’s cost burden.

Education to support multiple skills

Forest sector training and expertise must be developed in such a way that it meets the industry’s current and future needs. Multiple skills must be promoted at all levels of education and schools must be encouraged to specialise.

Occupational well being and longer careers

Occupational well being is improved to reduce the amount of sick leave and to prolong careers.