The Finnish forest industry in figures

The forest industry is a major contributor to wellbeing in Finland. The sector accounts for approximately 20 per cent of Finland’s export revenue and it is a major employer, especially in regional areas. 

Significant employer

The forest industry directly employs about 42,000 people in Finland. Approximately 20,000 people work in the paper industry and 22,000 in the wood products industry. In addition to this, some 9,000 people make their living in the furniture manufacturing industry.
(Source: Statistics Finland, National Accounts 2013)

In 2013, the Finnish forest industry employed approximately 46,000 people in other countries, and 65 per cent of these people worked in other EU countries.
(Source: Statistics Finland, Subsidiaries Abroad)

Industry plays a significant role in Finns’ everyday lives

The forest industry is the main source of income for many regions in Finland.
The value chain that originates in the forest has significant knock-on effects: the forest industry’s indirect employment effects are much greater than its direct employment effects.

There are still 48 paper, paperboard and pulp mills operating in Finland. There are also about 130 industrial sawmills as well as wood-based panel mills and other companies in the wood products industry.

Billions worth of paper and wood products

In 2013, the value of forest industry production in Finland totalled approximately EUR 20.7 billion*.
(Source: Statistics Finland, Regional and industrial statistics on manufacturing, 2012 preliminary)

*) includes the furniture industry

Enormous significance for the national economy

The Finnish forest industry accounts for approximately 18 per cent of Finland’s industrial output value and around 15 per cent of Finland’s industrial jobs.
(Source: Statistics Finland, Regional and industrial statistics on manufacturing, National Accounts)

A pillar of the Finnish export industry

In 2014, the value of Finnish forest industry exports (including furniture) totalled EUR 11 billion. The value of forest industry exports accounted for approximately 20 per cent of all Finnish exports. (Source: National Board of Customs)

The forest industry invests in Finland

The share of forest industry investments in the entire factory industry’s fixed investments in Finland has ranged from about a fifth to a third, with the exceptions of the years 2009 and 2010, when investments generally showed a sharp decline. (Source: Statistics Finland)

Forest industry companies have invested approximately EUR 100 million a year in research and development functions in Finland. (Source: Statistics Finland)

Continuous development of Finnish forests

In 2014, about 56 million cubic metres of wood was harvested, of which 45 million cubic metres was harvested from private forests. Up to 80 million cubic metres could be sustainably harvested every year. Forests grow over 100 million cubic metres a year.

In 2014, industry used 65 million cubic metres of wood of which:

  • 55.0 million cubic metres was domestic wood and 
  • 10.0 million cubic metres was imported wood